New Home Donated To Veteran And Wife

Thanks to some local contractors and a builder, a former Marine Sergeant and his wife will have a new place to call home. A new house is currently under construction for Daniel and Theresa Erlandson in Butler Township, Ohio. And the home, with an estimated $400,000, will be given to them free of charge.

Credit for the project goes to American Trademark Construction CEO Steve Risner, who worked with Texas-based Operation Finally Hometo make this a reality after learning about the Erlandson’s story. Daniel, a Purple Heart recipient, served his country with multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and suffered a traumatic brain injury from an IED. And his wife Theresa is also waiting to receive a kidney transplant to replace the one she got at 10.

To further help out this family, their new home will also be a duplex, so the Erlandsons can rent half of it out to help pay bills. As amazing as this generous donation is, Risner downplays his part in creating their new home. "Daniel was so dedicated to his troops,” he explains. “His wife has had two kidney transplants. We're just trying to get them back on their feet.”


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