McDonald’s Cashier Gives Toys To Boy WIth Autism

Like a lot of kids with autism, when Bonnie Kandel’s son, Leif, gets fixated on something, it’s really tough for him to let it go. That was the case recently with a “Teen Titans” toy that his friend got in a McDonald’s Happy Meal. So Krandel took her little guy to the restaurant to get one of the toys.

Unfortunately, when they got to McDonald’s, they were told the coveted “Teen Titans” toy was unavailable because they ran out. And Krandel writes in a post on Facebook's Love What Matters page that “Leif was devastated” about not getting what he had his mind set on.

But after telling their cashier TQ about Leif and why those toys matter to him so much, that young woman pleaded with her manager to break the rules, just this once - and dismantle the display full of the desired toys for Leif. She finally convinced her boss to agree and the little boy was delighted! "Thank you, TQ,” this happy mom writes. “These simple Happy Meal toys mean so much! Your effort was an expression of love and made a difference."


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