Beer can damages World Series trophy during parade

A lot went down during the Red Sox championship parade on Wednesday. There were cute little kids and proud Big Papi and Alex Cora telling people who doubted them after the first few games against the Yankees to “suck on it.” Plus, a lot of drunk fans in attendance to cheer their championship team on. Probably more than usual during this particular parade since it was being held on Halloween.

Because of that, beers were being thrown at the duck boats. Now, before we go any further, I just have to state the obvious and say that beers are always thrown during championship parades. Especially in Boston (stares at Gronk) and they’re usually welcome. Sometimes players will drink them.

Today, players did not appear to want them thrown, and it’s important for fans to keep hold of their full beers if it’s not agreed on by both sides before they’re tossed, but there’s at least a way to see how a drunk fan didn’t understand that these players on this team weren’t so into it when in the past this has been a fun, viral moment during a parade.

One fan was reportedly injured by a thrown beer, and might require stitches, while another can hit Alex Cora (a teenager was arrested in relation to this toss) and one of the coach’s wives. Not good. The beer can set to be most infamous, however, is the one that broke a World Series trophy.



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