Chris Young will be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry after Vince Gill invited him to be a member before he performed on the Opry show Tuesday night.

After his performance and celebrating his latest chart topper (“Sober Saturday Night”), Chris caught his breath long enough to share: 

(Chris Young) “I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you I had no idea and it was the only time I looked at someone and told them ‘Thank you for not telling something.’ Um, yeah that was just pretty insanely special right there.”

After collecting his thoughts, Chris Young got emotional before he sang on the Grand Ole Opry Tuesday after his friend Vince Gill asked him to be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry: 

(Chris Young) “I don’t cry at anything man, this is stupid. (cheers) The worst part is this song is really hard to sing and everybody on the radio is going, ‘Man shut up and sing the song.’ Um, oh, dang you got me really good. I love you guys I love everybody here, I love this place so…(cheers).”  

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