Miranda Lambert Counted On Two Things To Help Her Along The Way!

A lot of MIRANDA LAMBERT headlines are about her private life. It's interesting stuff, that's for sure . . . but today we're going to talk about her music because that's what got her here in the first place, and it's what sets her apart. 

Check out what she said in recent interview about her creative process. Quote, "I've struggled with weight ups and downs. 

"I've put my life in my songs, and I've never counted on my hair, my make-up, and my boobs to get me over. I've always used my guitar. A guitar and a real stubborn head will get you a long, long way."

Being real is always the right choice. And if that reality is unfair or incredibly difficult, there's a story to tell about that. She says, quote, "At 17, I started for real with a bar gig, a house gig . . . not for the faint of heart. 

"It's not pleasant at times, the nasty comments, the not getting paid, clanking beer bottles, the club owners who put you in uncomfortable positions . . . being given a foot of stage when you're opening, [so] you make the best of it."

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