Experts Recommend “Exercise Snacking”

A recent study from Canada on exercise snacking focused on stair climbing and what kind of impact just a few minutes of “vigorous” stair climbing three times a day would have on heart health. Researchers had a group of young adults who aren’t usually active climb three flights of stairs three times a day with one to four hours of rest in between. They did this three days a week for six weeks and improved their cardiorespiratory fitness and boosted their strength.

Even study authors were surprised by the findings. They knew that sprint interval training works, but now they know that stair snacking approach works too. So if you want to workout and improve your heart health, you don’t have to head to the gym at 6 a.m. for a grueling sweat sesh, you can walk up a few flights of stairs a couple times a day instead. Exercise snacking might not be as fun as it sounds, but if skipping the office elevator in favor of the stairwell means we get an effective workout, we’re in.

Source: Bustle

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