"Welcome to Marwen" Is New In Theatres!

"Welcome to Marwen"  (PG-13)



Steve Carell stars in the true story of Mark Hogencamp, an artist who was the victim of a violent hate crime.  He's attacked by neo-Nazis outside a bar, then wakes from his coma as a broken man who's lost all of his confidence and most of his memories.



As he struggles to find the courage to face his attackers in court, he retreats into the therapuetic fantasy world of Marwen, a World War II village where all of the dolls represent people in his life.  There he fights Nazi versions of his attackers and draws strength from the doll versions of his friends as he works through his trauma.



Janelle Monae is his one-legged physical therapist, Gwendoline Christie is a nurse who delivers his meds, "Godless" star Merritt Wever works at the hobby shop where he gets his art supplies, and Eiza Gonzalez works at the bar where he's beaten.



There are dolls for each of them in Marwen, along with one for his new neighbor Leslie Mann








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