Mind Your Manners This Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This candy-filled holiday is a lot of fun, even when it lands in the middle of the week, but there are a few ground rules to keep in mind so everyone has a safe, good time. Here are the dos and don'ts for Halloween.

DO splurge on the good candy - Nobody wants raisins or old Tootsie rolls, so buy stuff you’d actually want to eat and grab a couple treats for yourself.

DO leave your light off if you forgot to buy candy or aren't home - A dark front door or porch is code for I have no candy or I’m busy or out, everyone knows that.

DON'T leave candy outside unsupervised - It may seem like a good idea, but then some kid will dump the whole bucket into their treat bag and ruin it for everyone else.

DON'T ask kids what they are - Some kids might be offended you can’t tell, some may not be verbal, and some are just too shy to speak up, so just fork over the candy and let them go to the next house already.

DO wear a costume - If you’re going to a Halloween party people expect you to be dressed up. If the kids are trick-or-treating, they’d better be wearing a costume, too.

DO be original with costumes - If you still don’t know what you’re going to be tonight, let Google or Pinterest help inspire you. There are all kinds of super last-minute costume ideas on the Internet, so you don’t have to resort to being a sexy cat because you’re better than that.

DON'T forget to say please and thank you - Encourage polite behavior from the kiddos and remember good manners will get you far.

DO be extra cautious - It’s dark, kids are on a sugar high and wearing costumes that they might not be able to see well in, so be extra aware.

DON'T hand out homemade treats - You’ll only be wasting your time because everybody knows you can’t eat treats that aren’t wrapped and with all the food sensitivities people have, parents need to be able to see what’s on the label.

DO clear a path so your walkway is easy to navigate - Move your plants so they don’t get trampled and turn the lights on so the little trick-or-treaters can make their way safely up to your door.

Source: The Kitchn

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