A Contact Gets Stuck In Woman's Eye For 28 Years!

A British woman went into the hospital to have surgery to remove a cyst from a swollen eyelid, but what surgeons actually found was eye-popping. 

The swelling had gotten worse over about six months and doctors believed it was caused by a growing cyst that needed to be removed. But when they began to perform the operation, they discovered that it wasn't a cyst at all. It was actually a contact lens that had been tucked inside the patient's eyelid for decades.

The 42-year-old woman recalled some childhood trauma she'd suffered and believed the lens had fallen out, when in fact it had simply moved into her eyelid. The woman told doctors she hadn't worn contacts in 28 years. (UPI)

So in 28 years, no eye doctor noticed it in there? 

Unless of course she didn't go to an eye doctor in all those years.

All contact lens wearers can probably think of a time when a lens fell out and was never found. 

What if it actually never fell out and it's still stuck in your eye?

28 years is a long time, but many contact lens wearers keep the lenses in their eyes longer than they're supposed to.

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