Q&A With Maren Morris While Stuck On A Plane


You might learn some interesting things about Maren Morris from her recent Q&A session on Twitter.  She was stuck on a plane and thought it would be a good idea to drink wine and chat with fans!   


1.  She wishes she could've played a 'White Walker" on "Game of Thrones".


2.  She wishes she'd written "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber.


3.  The best advice she's ever gotten is "Always wear underwear."


4.  The hardest part of being in the music industry is, quote, "Being young.  Being a woman.  And being different."


5.  Her favorite drink is tequila and soda.  Preferably Casamigos tequila.


6.  Her dream collaboration would be with Freddie Mercury of Queen.


7.  Her favorite place is London, England.  But she also loves France.  Although she almost got ARRESTED there.


8.  Oh, and she plans to have a baby next year.


Then she ended the whole thing by saying she spilled some tea.  And some wine.  (???)

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