Michael Ray Said Carly Pearce Had To Pursue Him

Michael Ray on How Carly Pearce Pursued Him



Now that MICHAEL RAY and CARLY PEARCE have come clean about dating, he wants you to know that she's the one who initiated the relationship.  Quote, "She did all the work. 



"She slid it into some DMs pretty heavy.  I don't know if it's a guy thing, but I don't catch on to hints worth crap." 



Even with the hints, he was afraid to go there because they run in the same circles and he didn't want to be wrong and look stupid.  Quote, "So I'm like, I can't step in . . . and I didn't know how to approach it."



And then one day SHE laid it out there.  He continues, quote, "She was like, 'You know we have each other's phone numbers, why don't we just text.'  And I'm like 'oh yeah, we do.'" 



So, they finally started hanging out and checked out some traditional country at the Nashville Palace.  Quote, "We went there and it was at that moment for both of us where I thought, 'I'm in love with this girl and she's special.'"



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