Brett Eldredge Packs One Thing for Every Trip

BRETT ELDREDGE clearly has a thing for travel.  He's always talking about where he's been, where he wants to go, and he even did an 'Instagram Story takeover' for "Travel and Leisure".



So they asked him to name the one thing he always packs for any trip.  And that thing is . . . his journal.  Quote, "I literally freak out if I forget to pack it, because I feel like I just need it and I'm missing out on telling myself a story."



It's a specific kind of journal called a 'Gratitude Journal'.  You start the day by answering a question like, 'What would make the day great?'  In Brett's words, that would be something like, "Go on a hike and try to find a view I've never seen."



Then at the end of the day, it asks you, 'What made the day great?'  Maybe it isn't what you set out to do, but you answer anyway.  Again, in Brett's words, something like, "I danced like a goofball on the streets of Key West."



Or, "I met a funny character at a bar wearing a cowboy hat, and he told me all the crazy things that happened in his life." 



He says he does it every morning and night, it shows him what to be thankful for, starts the day on a positive note, and makes you appreciate the little things.  Not bad.



If you want the specific one Brett uses, it's called "The Five-Minute Journal", and you can buy it on Amazon for $22.95.

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