Michael Ray Opens Up About Anxiety After His DUI

Michael Ray is opening up about his battle with anxiety. He tells “Rolling Stone” that he’s battled anxiety his “entire life,” adding, “a drastic amount that I've hid. It caused ulcers as a kid.”

“I didn't know what was wrong with me. I was like, 'Why am I waking up and already feel this pressure on my chest?' I'm gonna put on a smile and do this, but on the inside, I'm scared. All this stupid stuff that's in your head and you can't get out," Ray says. "Then I started meeting fans."

Michael says meeting fans helped him realize he wasn’t the only one dealing with these issues. He notes, "This is the crap I went through. This is what I battle. If I can say it, hopefully it inspires somebody through my music or maybe they see an interview or whatever it is, and they go, 'That's how I feel.'”

Michael says his anxiety levels skyrocketed after being arrested in December for DUI. “I've never been in trouble a day in my life. … I'm overthinking, anxiety-driven, so add that on top of it. I was like, 'What the hell just happened? Is this it? Is this going to mess everything up that we're doing?' Everything's going great, and boom, that happens," he says. "But through that, I never felt more love and support from fans or from my peers in country music."

Source: Rolling Stone

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