How To Eat Healthy When Your Love Doesn't!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting into eating healthy or if you’ve always lived that way, if your significant other isn’t on board with it, it can be a challenge. Sure, it’s possible to be a couple who have completely different diets, but it’s a lot easier, healthier, and more budget-friendly when you can cook meals at home together that you’ll both like. So if your sweetie is still more into fast food and frozen pizzas while you want to fill your plate with vegetables, quinoa, and lean protein, these tips could help.

Focus on eating well when you're riding solo - Dating someone means eating together a lot, so focus on fueling your body with the best foods you can when you’re alone. Eating healthy most of the time gives you room to enjoy a more indulgent dinner guilt-free with your sweetie later on.

Order healthy or make a healthy version of what you're cooking - Even if you’re going to certain restaurant or cooking a certain meal, you can still make it as healthy for yourself as possible. If you’re going out, order a salad or veggies when they get a burger and fries, or at home, grill your meat if you’re frying theirs.

Be honest about when you're down to grub and when you're not- If your sweetie wants barbecue for dinner and you don’t want to be stuck ordering a salad there, talk about it. Chances are, they’ll be willing to wait to go to that restaurant with you when you can dig in with them.

Be a mooch and have no shame - If you’re trying to order healthy but are feeling oh-so-tempted by your S.O.’s bad-for-you choice, there’s nothing wrong with asking them for a bite or two. That way you stay on track and have a more healthy meal without having food envy.  

Don't be embarrassed to BYOS: Bring Your Own Snacks - If you hang at your partner’s place and they never have anything healthy to eat, bring some along. You can even share and maybe some of your healthier eating habits will even rub off on your S.O.

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