Guy Tries to Lose Cops by Swimming a Mile Out to Sea

This is a good example of how running from your problems can just create more problems that you never saw coming . . .

A 20-year-old guy named Zachary Kingsbury got pulled over in Surf City, North Carolina last Wednesday.  (About 30 miles up the coast from Wilmington.)

And while the cops were talking to him, he took off.  He made a beeline for the beach . . . ran into the water . . . and tried to SWIM to freedom.

Police deployed a drone to track him from the air.  And apparently he's a pretty strong swimmer, because he ended up almost a MILE offshore.

But right around then, the drone that was following him got footage of a pretty big SHARK that started stalking him.  Then the battery started dying.  So at that point, the police chase turned into a rescue operation.

Luckily the Coast Guard was able to get to him before the shark did, so he's okay.

It turned out he had marijuana and meth in his car, so that's why he ran.  He's facing charges for drug possession and resisting arrest. 

(Charlotte Observer)

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