Guy caught cheating in a whopper of a way

This is a perfect Valentine's Day story . . . because all of the romantic disasters in your past won't seem so bad in comparison.

An Instagram user named Jordan_VonSmith86 recently left a comment on one of Burger King's Instagram photos saying, quote, "My girl legit took 20 minutes ordering in the drive-thru last night, those Whoppers were worth it though, LOL."

But there was one problem.  His girlfriend, Shanlee, saw the comment . . . and she wasn't with him that night.

So SHE commented, quote, "Um excuse me @Jordan_VonSmith86???  I don't recall going last night or ever liking Burger King.  Who are you talking about?"  And then her next comment was, quote, "Answer your [effing] phone."

Then she tagged some of her friends in another comment, THEY all left comments about how they knew Jordan was bad for her . . . and finally, Shanlee ended up DUMPING him, right there in the comments on Burger King's Instagram photo.

Quote, "Hope the Whopper Juniors were worth it.  Your [stuff] is outside."

Of course, it's possible that this is all a hoax . . . but why would someone even bother creating all those fake Instagram accounts?  So we're going to assume it's real.  Please let it be real. 


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