Country Traditions

Ever since I was a kid I was told to carry a buckeye in my pocket for good luck! I remember my Papa always carried one, My Dad carries one and all of my uncles carry them too! So for as long as I can remember I have had one in my pocket and I carried one for over twenty years until after a couple times through the washer and dryer it finally cracked and once that happened it wasn't long until it crumbled and I was crushed. It was part of my routine since I was a kid! Every single day I got dressed, put my watch on, grabbed my pocket knife and buckeye and I was ready for anything until that faithful day! I've been looking for one ever since and haven't felt the same so I did what I do ... I talked about it and BOOM! A friend of the show mailed me a couple! I've had some people tell me you have to find it yourself to have good luck but I think I'm luckier than most to have listeners that are willing to go that extra mile!!! Ha! If you're going through tuff times go find yourself a buckeye and see what happens! I am a firm believer in Country Traditions and Superstitions!