Tell Me Something Good: Skateboarder Spreads Joy, Ocean Spray Returns Favor

While Tik Tok has gotten some people in trouble (ahem, Morgan Wallen), it has brought joy to others in the form of videos like that posted by skateboarder Nathan Apodaca.

This video has put a smile on the face of millions, some of which called it "therapeutic."

Nathan took a setback and turned it into something positive. He was dealing with car trouble on a near daily basis, so he resorted to his longboard to get to work. He made the viral video in one take while coasting down the road on the way to his job at a potato warehouse.

The joyful clip went even more viral after Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood put his own spin on it. The videos have led to a massive increase in streams of the Fleetwood Mac hit "Dreams"...and big sales for Ocean Spray.

Ocean Spray returned the favor to Nick by hooking him up with a new ride packed full of his favorite beverage.