raiseRED 2022

The raiseRED 18-hour dance marathon is quickly approaching on February 25-26th. Last year, nearly 1,000 University of Louisville students raised over $500,000 for the children, families, and doctors fighting pediatric cancer and blood disorders in the Louisville community. This year we are once again striving to raise funds to help give these kids a fighting chance.

50% of the donations to raiseRED directly benefit the research of the UofL School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics Division of Hematology and Oncology. The other 50% goes to the Norton Children's Cancer Institute affiliated with the UofL School of Medicine to provide services and treat needs for the children and their families going through treatment in the Hematology and Oncology Clinic. Our funding has created a position for a much-needed social worker in the clinic, helped support Dr. Raj and Dr. Tse's research initiatives, and supported hundreds of children fighting terrible diseases.

Our Community Celebration will take place on the 26th from 10:20 am - 12 pm. This event will be held on the University of Louisville’s campus in the Student Activity Center Ballroom. We will be celebrating our year-long fundraising efforts by hearing from our doctors, families, and revealing our final fundraising total!

Together we have the power to make a direct impact. If you're in the listening area and know a child receiving cancer treatment, chances are they are being helped by these funds. Please consider donating today at University of Louisville | raiseRED 2022 because Kids Can’t Wait!

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