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iHeartRadio Louisville's Community Partner Spotlight:

Bounce Coalition

Building Resilient Children & Families

Bounce Coalition is raising awareness about trainings & resources to help children & families bounce back from adversity.

What Does Bounce Do?

Educates and trains to build resilient children, adults, and families by:

Leading community trainings about ACEs and strategies to create healing-centered, trauma informed environments

Providing parent and caregiver education about ACEs and how to build resilience at home, school, and the workplace

Conducting community learning and discussion opportunities

Provides evaluation services to measure impact and consultation to integrate healing-centered practices

Advocates for policies that support people who have experienced trauma, help prevent trauma, and build resiliency in Kentucky

Who are We?

The Bounce Coalition’s diverse community partners are working together to address the root causes of poor health in our most vulnerable people. Through education, training, and other resources, we support individuals and organizations to implement trauma-informed approaches in everyday settings to better serve their communities.

The problem of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is particularly profound in Kentucky where 24% of children have experienced at least two ACEs – the 8th highest rate in the nation. The good news is that trauma does not define your destiny. By recognizing and responding to trauma, Bounce reduces the impact of risk factors and shifts the frame from asking, “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”

How Can you Help?

Bounce Coalition s looking to raise awareness for professionals who want to learn about strategies to mitigate adverse childhood experiences (ACES).

To get involved or find out more information visit: https://bouncecoalition.org/about-us/