DWTS Night 1 with Carole Baskin!!!

All I have to say about last night's Dancing with the Stars is just.......well wow! Carole Baskin hit all three points I predicted her to have: 1. Wearing tiger print, that's a check 2. Wearing the flower crown, another check and 3. dancing to Eye of the Tiger, that's a big ol' triple check. The one thing I wasn't prepared for was her "dancing skills." Now I'll be the first to say I am nowhere near talented enough to cut a rug, let alone trying to just walk and talk lol Let's just say her performance earned her the lowest score of the night. Check out it for yourself below!

But if you thought her dancing was shocking, than this will throw you for a loop! I know I was knocked over. Don Lewis' family, the missing husband of Carole Baskin, actually bought air time during DWTS asking for info on Don's whereabouts and even call out Carole right in the commercial.

And just for a bit of a laugh, how about the Weird Al version of "Eye of the Tiger" called "Rye or the Kaiser" LOL

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