Wild Lights: Asian Lantern Festival at the Louisville Zoo

Wild Lights: Asian Lantern Festival at the Louisville Zoo

March 5 - April 25

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T-Mobile presents the Wild Lights Asian Lantern Festival at the Louisville Zoo!

The Largest Lantern Festivals in the Region!

See the Zoo in a Whole New "LIGHT"!

• 65 Larger-Than-Life, Jaw Dropping Lantern Displays in what will be the LARGEST Lantern Festival in the Region!

• Over 2000 Ornate Lanterns wrapped in more than 60,000 Square Feet of Silk...all handmade by Chinese artisans!

• The Lanterns cover 70 acres along our 1 mile Zoo Path and are Illuminated by Over 50,000 LED Light Bulbs!

• The Amazing Water Dragon spans the length of the lake it resides in and is over 130 Feet Long and 2 Stories High!

• Interactive Displays include our 70 foot Walk-Through Shark Tunnel, Glowing Moon Swings, LED Lilly Pads, & our Angel Wings that are perfect for Photo Ops!

• Enjoy Nightly Stage Shows by Chinese Acrobats & Performers!

• Plus Delicious Asian Cuisines, Handicrafts, and Much More!

Only a limited number of tickets are available each event day. We STRONGLY recommend purchasing in advance

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