Mega Cavern's Lights Under Louisville

Mega Cavern's Lights Under Louisville

About Lights Under Louisville

Lights Under Louisville is truly a Holiday wunderland!

Drive your own vehicle through the MEGA Cavern to experience the ONLY underground holiday light show in the world!

Make it a family tradition!

Each year the Louisville Mega Cavern is transformed into an underground holiday light spectacular for the Christmas season. Enjoy the 30 minute ride through part of our 17 miles of underground passageways. Featuring over 850 lit characters with over 3,000,000 points of light! It's the only underground light show of its kind on the planet!

When driving through the show:

  • Turn headlights OFF
  • Do not exceed IDLE speed
  • Stay in the vehicle at all times
  • Stay on the lighted route
  • No smoking
  • No Stopping Along Route

Photography is welcome!


Monday-Friday: 6pm-10pm

Saturday & Sunday: 5pm-10pm

FIRST SHOW TIME: Friday, November 15 at 6pm

Pricing information:

$27 per standard vehicle for cash vehicles. Additional fees may apply when using a credit card. Please call for additional pricing information for oversized vehicles.

Location: 1841 Taylor Ave Louisville, KY 40213

Get more info here!

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