Cereals Long Forgotten!!

Growing up in the 80s there were a ton of cereals not only forgotten about but honestly I never got to try! Some of those I got to make up for like trying Boo Berry for the first time last year! Here's some of the ones I remembered from my childhood but never got to try! What are some of the ones you remember or may be didn't get to try?!

The first one I remember and ALWAYS wanted to try but never got to was Ice Cream Cone Cereal! Had a very catchy jingle I still sing to this day!

One that I always wanted to try was Circus Fun Cereal.........but as a kid I was afraid of clowns so that was a no go! lol

I was (still am) a BIG Muppets fan so when I saw the Swedish Chef had a cereal out I wanted to try it naturally........my mom had a different opinion. lol

And just cause I wanted to be as tough as Mr. T I wanted to try his cereal! I mean it's gotta be part of a balanced breakfast right?!?! How else does he hold up all those chains?!

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