Show Series Finales That Disappointed You!!

So Game of Thrones series finale was last night and the fans and internet, collectively, are losing their minds on how it ended! Now I'm not gonna give away any spoilers but it got me thinking on other shows that disappointed fans with how they wrapped up. You can let me know what shows make your list of most disappointing series finales below!!

The Sopranos: The infamous fade to black!! 'Nuff said!!

How I Met Your Mother: While the fans were teased all series long with the promise of knowing how the title of the show would play out, they were treated an what I would call an alternative ending. Although Bob Saget may have made up for it in the end.

Seinfeld: Although the final episode, in my opinion, was a great one the last few scenes just left something more to be desired as to the fate of the four.

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