Halloween Guide 2018

The 2018 Halloween season is here! Find some of the best Halloween attractions around Louisville!

Field of Screams

This Halloween adventure is open from September 14th through the end of October 27th and includes 5 hair-raising haunted houses along with live music entertainment.  The Field of Screams, offers a creepy walk through a six-acre haunted cornfield maze, a horrendous two-story barn, the always absurd forest, the Hayride to Hell, and the newly added Scream Tag.  On this challenging journey, you will encounter numerous creeps, freaks and ghouls.  It generally takes our victims a little over an hour to complete their tour…that is, if they make it out alive!  We start selling tickets at 7:00 pm and stop at 1:00 am.  Customers are permitted to enter the Corn Field and Hayride to Hell at dark (approximately 9:00 pm).

Location: 132 Darnall Ave. Brandenburg, KY 40108

Grim Trails

Grim Trails Haunted Attraction plunges you deep into the dark, twisted, and spooky world of fairy-tales and folklore. Venture into the lair of the elusive Yeti, explore Bluebeard’s murderous manor, and journey to Transylvania to catch a glimpse of Count Dracula himself. Our ¾ of a mile-long haunted trail is not for the faint of heart! Grim Trails is a Louisville Halloween Top Haunt six years running, in addition to being ranked among Kentucky’s premier haunted houses and is a must-see attraction in the Jefferson County area.

Location:12009 Rehl Rd. Jeffersontown, KY 40299

The Devils Attic

The Devil's Attic is a collection of the true elements that make up many classic horror films. We have taken these elements and integrated them into a very interactive and detailed environment. Within the realms of The Devil's Attic you will encounter many of your childhood demons as well as a slight horrific twist on some of the classic monsters of Hallows eve. The result of many years of planning and passion is sure to frighten even the bravest of souls.

Location:647 W Hill St, Louisville, KY 40208

Nightmare Forest Haunt Park

The legendary Nightmare Forest Haunt Park is a haunted attraction park in Louisville that is known for miles around. Nightmare Forest haunted event is known for bringing the movies to life and they have always lived up to that motto. It has featured such movies at Halloween, Jurassic Park, Alien, and much more. This year it features Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Conjuring and many more! It is a haunt to be feared and Nightmare Forest has returned to Otter Creek Park with a vengeance. However, not only do you get one frightening trail, you also get the Trail of Terror, Dead End Hotel, Nightmare Harvest and Hawthorne’s Circus Bizarre! It is an ENORMOUS Haunt Park with 5 attractions in 1 location for 1 price! 

Location: Otter Creek Park Louisville, KY

The Haunted Hotel

The Haunted Hotel is a staple in the haunted attraction industry in Kentucky. 20+ years of frights and screams! Located near Churchill Downs off Central Ave. Haunted Hotel is the Longest Continuous Running Haunted Attraction in the State. Customers from all over the world have visited the haunt and Haunted Hotel has a huge following and continues to grow! 

Imagine the feeling you get right before suddenly waking up from the most horrific nightmare you've ever had. Now imagine having that feeling during your entire stay at The Haunted Hotel. Let The Haunted Hotel take you into your worst nightmare! Come see why The Haunted Hotel is "Louisville 's Longest standing and SCARIEST Halloween Attraction. " The Haunted, Hotel we'll turn the light out for you!!

 There are no limits in our haunted hotel.

The actors will not only scare you but they will touch you. 

Danger Run

Danger Run® Includes 2 Haunts!  (The only haunted road rally in the nation, one of the longest running Halloween events in Louisville region) 

Danger Run® is a thrilling Halloween experience in Louisville that includes TWO haunted houses. Your adventure will begin at one of three starting locations where the Danger Run® will provide you with clues that, if you dare to solve, will lead you to TWO haunted houses included with your admission. The game is to solve the clues, find the haunted houses and accumulate the exact mileage of the course on your car. Awaiting you at the end of the road are TWO haunted houses that will get your blood pumping and have you screaming for more! It’s The Most Fun You’ve EVER Had In Your Car!®Location: Start at Lowes on Hurstbourne Pkwy, Dixe Hwy or Veterans PkwyDates: Sept 21 – Nov 3, 2018Price: $25, includes Game + 2 Haunted Houses

Legend at Pope Lick

(Voted as one of the most intense haunts in the nation of last years’s season)

Explore the folklore of the Pope Lick Monster, aka the Goat Man, as you venture into the Legend at Pope Lick. Your adventure begins as you break-in to the forbidden Pope Lick forest with only a flashlight to guide your way. You will pass under an ancient train trestle and enter into the dark woods of Pope Lick on your search for the legendary Goat Man that is thought to inhabit the forest. You will explore the mysteries of the Pope Lick monster and encounter others that have tried to find the Goat Man and failed. Do you have what it takes to discover the Legend and survive? CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL OF FEAR! If you are ever too scared, just say “Monster Be Good” and the monsters will leave you alone and focus on another victim.

More info here!

Black Orchard Haunted House

Investigation of a noxious smell emitted from the Black Orchard Farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky lead to the discovery of the most brutal set of murders in American history. Law enforcement officials entered the farmhouse to find rotting corpses positioned on couches and around the dinner table. Furniture, dinnerware and light fixtures throughout the home had been constructed from human remains. Several human faces were found in a drawer by a bedroom vanity mirror and various human organs were found in mason jars in the refrigerator. Because most victims were dismembered, the number of victims remains unknown. These atrocities lead authorities into the barn on the property where they uncovered a scene of indescribable brutality that remains a mystery today. Silas Black and his family are still at large. Do NOT attempt to enter the Black Family Orchard and stay out of the barn at all costs! CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL OF FEAR! If you are ever too scared, just say “Monster Be Good” and the monsters will leave you alone and focus on another victim.

More info here!

Wicked Wonderland at Fourth Street Live!

Fourth Street Live! transforms into a Wicked Wonderland this Halloween, with your chance to win over $4,000 in cash and prizes in our costume contest. Doors open at 8 on October 27.  Entry is free, with All-inclusive VIP passes available that include free cover, beverages and food at participating venues. Live entertainment by DJ Crizchin and DJ Simone.  Learn more here!

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