WAMZ Pet of the Week: Snoot

Meet Snoot, a year old Terrier mix. When Snoot arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society, we knew right away he was a special boy who would need special care. You see, Snoot suffers from a cleft lip and an oronasal fistula- this means that he's missing a part of his left upper lip and there is an abnormal opening between his mouth and nasal cavity. Oronasal fistula's can potentially cause sinus infections and other problems if food/debris gets into the nose and travels into the respiratory tract. Because of this, Snoot had to see a specialist to see whether or not he would need surgery to close the opening in his mouth. The veterinarian determined that while his cleft lip could be repaired for cosmetic reasons, repairing it could potentially cause more issues and would most likely require multiple surgeries. Since Snoot has no issues eating or drinking, the veterinarian didn't believe there was any medical reason to repair his cleft lip. The lack of a lip over some of Snoot's top teeth will most likely increase tartar buildup and because of this, Snoot will most likely need more dental cleanings than other dogs. Despite his abnormality, Snoot is a happy, loving boy who deserves a wonderful home and family. Could it be with you? Snoot is neutered, micro-chipped and up-to-date on all vaccinations. Come meet him today at the St. Matthews Feeders Supply, 4600 Shelbyville Road. For more on Snoot or any of our adoptable pets, please call 502-366-3355 or visit kyhumane.org.


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