Miranda was "Running Wild" in Nashville

MIRANDA LAMBERT didn't get anywhere near the bad press that haunted BLAKE SHELTON during their breakup.  He's the one who had to keep defending himself . . . and even filed a lawsuit to clear his name.



So what was she doing?  Well, she wasn't moping around Texas crying in her beer.  She moved to Nashville to get back into the thick of the music scene, and while she was at it, she did a little partying.   



She talked about it yesterday in an interview.  Quote, "When I first got [to town] I was running wild in midtown, but then I calmed down."  It's not what you think, though.  To her, running wild means doing what she wants.



Quote, "I just do my own thing, and drink Miller Light, and hang out with my friends, but people just are sweet.  Nashville's awesome, and nobody cares.  Everybody who is anybody that's my hero lives here.  When I see them out I don't bug them."



Asked WHO she would bug for a photo, she went with FAITH HILL.  But she's too chicken to bother her for a pic.  Quote, "Every time that I'm around [her] I turn into a complete idiot.  I don't know why.  She's just so pretty and awesome."

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