Why no new music from TYLER FARR? This is why!

 TYLER FARR confirmed that he's been filming a reality show . . . and it's not for kids, or grannies.  Quote, "There are parts my grandma ain't gonna approve of, because it's real, and I ain't no saint."  It's called "A Little Too Farr", and it'll debut sometime this summer on Verizon's Go 90 mobile TV network. 

Tyler Farr Opens His Life For New Reality TV Series: “There’s Parts on There My Grandma Ain’t Gonna Approve Of”

With his new single “I Should Go To Church” just released, Tyler Farr is making an announcement that will take the 33-year-old from our radios, to our video screens.

“Well I’ve been dropping y’all some hints and now it’s official. Someone agreed to give me my own show,” were the words Tyler Farr used on his Instagram account to announce the arrival of his new reality series, A Little Too Farr.

The new series will begin airing this summer on Hearst & Verizon’s Go 90 & Rated Red digital platforms, giving fans an inside look at Tyler’s life on and off the road.

“They filmed on the road, so you’ll be able to see a little behind-the-scenes,” Tyler shares with Nash Country Daily during his visit to the studio. “You’ll see me tired. The camera is there when I’m waking up and just getting home. You can tell I’m exhausted sometimes. I just look like complete crap. It’s the whole package. You’re definitely going to learn about me. If they don’t know my sense of humor and think I’m just a jerk, hopefully this show will show them I’m not. I’m just a jokester.

“I mean, there’s parts on there my grandma ain’t gonna approve of,” Tyler adds. “‘Cause it’s real, and like I said, I ain’t no saint. They’d literally just hit record and the most random stuff would come out of my mouth. They’d see me doing stuff and be like, ‘Oh, get someone to get the camera on him now!’ So it was fun. It was exhausting fun, but it’ll be out here in a couple months and I’m curious to see what people think.”

Filming on the series began in November 2016, a month after Tyler wed his then fiancée, Hannah Freeman. Fans are sure to get a glimpse inside the newlyweds marriage as Tyler takes us on his rowdy adventures.

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