Brad Paisley's Selfie Video!

 If you ask them, they will send.  BRAD PAISLEY put the word out for his fans to send in their worst selfies, and they totally came through.  He put a ton of them in the video to his new song, "Selfies_#TheInternet_Is_Forever".



We're talking bare breasts, butts, people sitting on the can, people throwing up, a very pregnant woman smoking a cigarette . . . and, of course, the all-time favorite, dogs humping.  Furiously.



But wait, there's more!  Brad even included a clip of his own bare butt.  It's PIXELATED, as are most of the video's naughty bits. 



(Although it's pretty funny, it may not be appropriate for everyone, so use at your own discretion.  Here's the link.  There's a smokin' hot topless girl at 1:27 . . . Brad's bare backside is at 2:11 . . . and the dogs going at it are at 3:58.)

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