FGL practiced Their Backstreet Boys Moves

Florida Georgia Line certainly stole the show at the ACM Awards when they jumped in to dance with the Backstreet Boys during “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” but it certainly wasn’t easy making that happen.

FGL talked “Billboard” about how the moment came together, and it appears they took things very seriously. "After rehearsal yesterday, we walked off thinking, 'We gotta learn the dance moves and we got to do it together, otherwise we're selling ourselves short," Tyler Hubbard explained. "So let's go big, let's do it."

Nick Carter spent time teaching the guys the song’s choreography, and they worked hard on the moves late into the night. Brian Kelley notes that he even got a selfie from Tyler showing off his hard work, with Tyler admitting, “I was in my underwear.”

Regardless of his attire, Tyler seemed to be nailing the moves, with Brian admitting, "We put a lot of hard work into this thing."

ONE MORE THING! One person who definitely loved FGL’s moves was Tim McGraw, and his awesome reaction has become a GIF that’s gone viral around the web. 

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