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The "Group Effect"

Posted February 25th, 2014 @ 6:46am

According to a new survey from Cosmo, women like taking advantage of the “group effect” and do not enjoy doing certain activities alone:

·                                 Going to the bathroom: How else can you gossip about cute guys or who's annoying you, as well as borrow your friend’s awesome new lip gloss?!

·                                 Trying out a new gym or new workout class: No one wants to be the only beginner in a class. Plus, you can commiserate about it afterwards.

·                                 Brunch: Women can breakfast, lunch or dinner alone, but it is not possible to eat brunch alone. Mimosas are no fun without girlfriends!

·                                 Make life changing hair cut decisions:  Somehow, your friends always seem to unite on an answer to cut or not to cut.

·                                 Shopping spree: If you're going to buy a new pair of shoes that costs $200, you can’t do it alone. Someone has to justify your purchase and it ain’t gonna be your husband/boyfriend!

                  Watching award shows: If a woman watches an award show without a group of friends and three bottles of white wine, did the award show even happen?

 Just Asking ... What's a common activity you’d rather do with a bunch of friends? Do you prefer doing some of these things by yourself?



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