Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line and his bride of two-months, Brittney, are enjoying wedded bliss.


Though the couple dated for only seven months, the relationship was years in the making.  Brian met Brittney more than three years ago and thought she was the most beautiful, creative, independent woman he'd ever met, but they both were involved with other people. 

Brian Kelley recently talked about meeting his wife and I love it.

"I always wanted a chance and I thought if we ever get single, that would be cool. And it happened. And immediately hanging out in that different kind of vibe where we're both single and in different places in our lives, magic kinda happens."


Thomas Rhett:

Thomas Rhett says that when it comes to Valentine's Day for he and his wife Lauren, he has to be creative because he's usually not home on the big day:

"I feel like for the past two years I’ve been on the road for Valentine’s Day, so I have to get real creative with what I do for the ‘ol wifey if she is staying in town. So, I would really encourage loads of chocolate, maybe a teddy bear if she’s into that kind of thing, and you know, just some good ‘ol kissin’ time on the couch, maybe a little romantic movie. You know, that kind of thing, that’s my plan for Valentine’s Day."


Luke Bryan: 


Luke will be playing a show tomorrow night in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and his wife Caroline is coming out to meet him. 


Luke Bryan says his wife Caroline will meet up with him on tour.


"Typically I'm never home on Valentine's so we always try to have something fun. We'll go have a dinner or something like that. I'll light some scented candles on the bus. It will be so romantic."




Dierks has as surprise planned for his wife Cassidy, but says every day is Valentine's Day in his house.


He says "Here's my stance on Valentine's Day. Women are going to hate this out there. We're married. It's over. The cards, the Hallmark stuff--it's done. I love you. Every day is Valentine's day. Once we got married we kind of tackled that one. Valentine's day is really hard on guys."




Jerrod will be playing a Valentine's Day dance tonight, so he'll be away from his girlfriend. But he says being romantic is all about focusing on the other person.


Jerrod Niemann says being romantic is about actions…."I think more than being romantic in the I want to be a tall dark stranger, more than just trying to make the person feel good."




Frankie Ballard:


Frankie says Valentine's Day should be more about candy and flowers.


Frankie Ballard gives his take on romance.


"I think when a guy just stops and thinks, okay what is she going to really like. Cater whatever it is--a dinner, a meal or anything specifically to her. I think that is what women think is romantic."