When Cole Swindell was deciding which song to release as his debut single, he wanted make sure that the tune would grab everyone's attention. Cole tells Fox News of the process of picking his first single, "It's so important, obviously, it's your first single, it's your chance to get your name out and your music out to all the fans in the world and I just wanted to have something that was fun, and I'm a new artist, so I knew that they weren't going to know who I was." And when Swindell released "Chillin' It" as his debut single, people definitely took notice of him. Cole shares, "I just wanted something fun that was catchy and that would get their attention and then hopefully they would look in to my music and want to hear more than just "Chillin' It." And with the release of his new self-titled debut album just last week, fans finally have a chance to hear more of his music. The new album has everything from fun live concert tunes to songs about heartbreak, and Swindell assures that every song on the record is 100 percent Cole. He says, "I'm just a normal guy from south Georgia living in Nashville, living the dream as they say, but I've been through all that stuff on my album and so that's what I wanted to do."

And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Cole on his song Chillin It hitting NUMBER ONE!!!