On this last Monday Of February!

The new season of Dancing With the Stars doesn't start until next month, but they've already eliminated someone -- co-host Brooke Burke.

In a statement, she said, "I’ve seen my fair share of shocking eliminations in the ballroom but this one takes the cake."

People magazine says FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews will replace Brooke -- who won the show's seventh season before replacing Samantha Harris as co-host alongside Tom Bergeron starting in season 10. That's the same season on which Erin competed. 

Brooke isn't the only one leaving the show. Longtime bandleader Harold Wheeler will be replaced by former American Idol bandleader Ray Chew when season 18 premieres on March 17th.

Someone else is out as well.....

Piers Morgan's stint as Larry King's replacement on CNN has ended after just three years.

In a statement issued Sunday, the network said, "CNN confirm that Piers Morgan Live is ending. The date of the final program is still to be determined."

In an interview with The New York Times on Sunday, Morgan said, "It's been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings."

Must be nice to be a big star and get out of tickets!!!

The National Enquirer claims Johnny Depp and his friends almost got a jaywalking ticket in Hollywood. A source tells the tabloid, “The cop pulled out his ticket book and started writing up Johnny and his gang for jaywalking. He asked for everyone’s IDs – but when he looked at Johnny’s name and photo, he gave the star a double take. Said Johnny: ‘Yes, I’m Johnny Depp, the actor – and I’d really appreciate if you’d give us a pass this time around, officer. I promise that from now on, we’ll take the crosswalks!’ ”

The Lego Movie still hangin in there at the box office!

1. The Lego Movie - $31.5 million
2. 3 Days to Kill - $12.3 million
3. Pompeii - $10 million
4. RoboCop - $9.4 million
5. The Monuments Men - $8.1 million

The Lego Movie was the number-one movie for a third straight weekend with $31.5 million. The animated flick has now made $183.2 million.

The Kevin Costner thriller 3 Days to Kill opened in second in $12.3 million.

The drama Pompeii debuted in third with $10 million.

RoboCop dropped from third to fourth with $9.4 million.

The Monuments Men went from fourth with fifth with $8.1 million.

Bizarre Avatar Star

E! claims Avatar star Sam Worthington was arrested for fighting with a paparazzo. He punched the man at a New York bar after the man kicked his girlfriend, Lara Bingle, in the shin. Sam was charged with assault while the photog, Sheng Li, was charged with reckless endangerment, assault and harassment.