From pregnancy rumors to divorce speculation, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's relationship has been all over the pages of the tabloids recently. And that gossip is actually the subject of a new song from Lambert titled "Priscilla," which appears on her forthcoming album Platinum. Miranda tells Spin magazine, "'Priscilla' is the song that addresses being in the tabloids. I think it does it in a fun way, though. It happens, and it's happening a lot, lot more to Blake and I than ever before, and I thought it was a really smart take on how it happens." And Lambert makes it clear that she's not linking her life with Shelton to that of Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla. She shares, "I definitely don't want people to think I'm comparing us to Priscilla and Elvis in any stretch of the imagination." The tabloids will probably continue to print false information about the couple, but Miranda says it won't phase her relationship with Blake. Lambert shares, "It does the opposite of probably what they want it to do, to tear us apart. It makes us laugh together about it, because we don't… it's such a far stretch, these stories that we say. We're so solid."